The Bowler Hat.

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The bowler hat, also known as a bob hat, derby (US), or bombín, is a hard felt hat with a rounded crown originally created in 1849 for the British soldier and politician Edward Coke, the younger brother of the2nd Earl of Leicester. The bowler hat was popular with the working class during the Victorian era, and later on with the middle and upper classes in the United Kingdom and the eastern United States. Later in the United Kingdom, it would come to be worn as civilian work dress by former officers of the Queen’s Guard. In Bolivia, women of Quechua people have worn bowler hats since the 1920s when British railway workers introduced them there. ~Wikipedia

OliveThomas copy

Olive Thomas, Silent Film Star.

Olive Thomas died of acute nephritis in Paris on September 10, 1920, five days after consuming mercury bichloride. Her death was heavily publicized and became one of the first Hollywood scandals.

Olive Thomas: The Life and Death of a Silent Film Beauty

Charles_Chaplin_behind_camera-2-Copyright-ROY-EXPORT-SAS- copy

Charles Chaplin

History of The Bowler Hat, The Telegraph, 10/06/10

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