What Makes A Women? | New York Times, Sunday Review.

June 7, 2015 § 2 Comments

Elinor Burkett dares to say what many women are thinking.

 What Makes a Women? JUNE 6, 2015.

Bruce Jenner told Ms. Sawyer that what he looked forward to most in his transition was the chance to wear nail polish, not for a furtive, fugitive instant, but until it chips off. I want that for Bruce, now Caitlyn, too. But I also want her to remember: Nail polish does not a woman make. – Elinor Burkett

Women's Liberation March, August 26th 1970. Courtesy Library of Congress.

Women’s Liberation March, August 26th 1970. Courtesy Library of Congress.

Illustration depicts a woman getting a manicure from a man,1910.
27676r copy

In the era of the suffragette, 1910. Courtesy Library of Congress.


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§ 2 Responses to What Makes A Women? | New York Times, Sunday Review.

  • karen Schneider says:

    Loved this article. The author articulated the feelings and thoughts that I’ve had since I met my first transgender colleague in 1984 in a large DoD contractor company and showed up for work with long red nails, gaudy make up and dresses when we as professional females were struggling for acceptance and respect in the workplace.


    • Hi Karen,

      I don’t believe the article should be taken as an attack on Transgender women, but that it should gives us all pause to think. I support Gender Equality and also believe there is a difference between femininity and what it means to be a woman. I don’t begrudge Caitlyn Jenner for wanting to enjoy what femininity means to her, but I agree with the author when she writes:

      People who proudly call themselves progressive and fervently support the human need for self-determination — are buying into the notion that minor differences in male and female brains lead to major forks in the road and that some sort of gendered destiny is encoded in us. That’s the kind of nonsense that was used to repress women for centuries. But the desire to support people like Ms. Jenner and their journey toward their truest selves has strangely and unwittingly brought it back.

      And I wonder myself why do we have so many Republican Presidential Candidates, 12 and counting, in the US to run against one woman?


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