A Few Photos…Of Me.

December 2, 2014 § 12 Comments

So many fashion bloggers put themselves in their blogs – literally. For someone like myself who devoted a large part of their youth to a career in the performing arts I’m surprised by my own reticence to doing this and can’t see myself modeling my favorite shoes or clothes. Maybe it’s where I’m at in my life — raising my son and trying to find that all too illusory balance between family and work or perhaps it’s my innate fear of the power and danger of the Internet and the loss of freedom that goes with that. Who knows? Maybe it’s also because I’m not sure where I fit in? Is this really a fashion blog? Whenever I write a post there’s a place to click category. For almost a year now every post has been checked uncategorized. It’s only recently that I’ve started to try and figure that one out. Maybe it’s also because I am a mom and my focus has now shifted off of myself to taking pictures of my son or that really I’m the one that likes to take the pictures rather than pose for them! In addition there’s nothing like motherhood to make one lose their sense of vanity. I’m sure most mothers out there know exactly what I mean. I’ve gone whole days without looking in the mirror. Something that would seem so shocking to my 20 something self…so, I decided I would try and find a few different photos through the years to post and found I actually had much more than I thought. Here’s a sampling — so what category would you choose for my blog?

Proofs - Teens .3

Photo by Carol Benjamin

Granny - St. Pete Times.

St. Petersburg Times.


The Atlanta Constitution - Naughty Marietta

The Atlanta Constitution


Family | Photo by Carol Benjamin



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