Shorty Boots.

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While listening to the radio as I drive my son to and from camp I’ve heard the word Ephemeral so many times this week. In hindsight I think it would have been the perfect name for my blog. It’s the word that best describes what I’m trying to document. Often I’m completely overwhelmed when I think about preserving everything that I find.

Just a few things from this week. A photograph of Ted Shawn “The Father of Modern Dance,” at Jacob’s Pillow, taken by my father Arthur L. Benjamin.  A crumbling Polish birth certificate that belonged to my Grandmother Rose and my father’s discharge papers from the army.

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Ted Shawn Jacob’s Pillow – photo by Arthur L. Benjamin, date unknown

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photo 2(1)photo 1

More Family Relics Found

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Boots by Golo Footwear

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Harper's Bazaar July 1966 #2-5

Harper’s Bazaar – July, 1966

Connecting the dots.

The American Girl Shoe – 1951

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American Girl Shoe 1951

American Girl Shoe - 1951 Full

Connecting the dots – Golo Footwear

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When we were kids I remember my dad telling us he had worked on the 75th floor of the Empire State Building. It wasn’t until a few months ago when I started this blog that I learned some of the details. A couple of the articles that I found on my grandfather mentions my dad working for Golo Footwear as a stylist.  Perusing the trade magazines at the Library of Business and Science here in NY I came across the advertisement below. It matches a tie clip I found when I was looking through his things while visiting my mother.



Established 1915 in New York City, Golo Footwear is best known for their patent white go-go boots made famous by Barbara Streisand.Vogue August 1, 1965-20

Read more about my dad, Arthur L. Benjamin here.

DEWEY and ALMY Advertisement, 1951

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Dewey and Almy

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit

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This summer I find myself in midtown quite a bit. When I’m walking around Grand Central I’m reminded of The Man in The Gray Flannel Suit. If you’re not familiar with the film, it’s based on the novel by Sloan Wilson and written in 1955. The film starred Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones.  Read the full synopsis here.









straphangers – 1952

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This summer the trend seems to be stripes, and in this post I pay homage to Bill Cunningham. I found trying to snap pictures of New Yorkers, who always seem to be in a  hurry – not easy. The fact that he’s still doing this in his 80s on a bicycle is truly amazing.IMG_1183


Bill Cunningham

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