Lynn, Massachusetts | photos circa 1895.

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A couple years before I got out, before we moved into New York City. We talked it over, Ben Schwartz & I, about starting a factory out of town instead of NY. See? It was getting impossible to lead the business there because of the unions and their demands.  Prices kept on going up higher, and new machinery was coming into place. So people out of town who made cheap shoes could make better shoes than what they were making with the new equipment. So we went. We went to Lynn, and Boston and St. Louis, Cincinnati. We went all around. When I came back we sat down and talked it over. I says Ben, after seeing all the towns, I think Lynn is the best place of the lot. A lot of the shoe factories have went out of business there. Not good shoemakers like we’ve got in New York, but they could be trained–taught to make better shoes. After I got out, Ben Schwartz did finally go to Lynn.  – Ben Benjamin

All photos courtesy of The Library of Congress


Steve Madden Buys Schwartz and Benjamin.

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For the record.

Steve Madden Snaps Up Schwartz & Benjamin  FN 1/30/17

torn label -Schwartz & Benjamin

Bebe Schwartz and Ben Schwartz 1972

Ben Schwartz with daughter Bebe

Ben Benjamin 1972

Ben Benjamin (Left)

The Back Story

Salvatore Ferragamo

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Notes from a trip to Italy that my grandfather took in May of 1955 when he was the general manager for the I. Miller shoe factories.

May, 1955


Salvatore Ferragamo/Women’s Runa Suede Bow Pump








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On a recent trip to visit my mother I found a case that belonged to my dad filled with family shoe memorabilia.


I. Miller Shoe Advertisement, New York Times, April 17, 1955.


One of my beloved moccasins that I mentioned in my previous post was in it.


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