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Ben Benjamin: “Cause while he met me he didn’t know anything about me, so uh he went and spoke to his old boss about me, and a few other people. His old boss says to him, he says if you two can get along, he says you can be the biggest men in this town in the shoe business. He says you (Ben Schwartz) in the selling end of it and Ben running the factory. He’s a good factory man, designer – but you’ve got to learn to live with one another, and we got a long fine – When I first told him I wanted to get out, he says no, he wouldn’t let me. Now in all those years, we never had a fight. We never had an argument.”



The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, Face.

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I posted this photo a while back I found of my grandfather from 1972 at the offices of Schwartz and Benjamin in New York.  I wish I knew who the man in the photo was. From the expression on my grandfather’s face and his clenched fist I think it may be Sam Schwartz, Ben Schwartz his former partner’s brother.

Ben Benjamin (Left)

Ben Benjamin (Left)

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