Digital Photography Vs. Film When Learning To Take Pictures And Black And White Film vs. Monochrome Filters? Thoughts?

June 5, 2016 § 4 Comments

Questions I think about often these days. Does learning to take a picture with a digital camera hinder the learning process or benefit it? Do you get the same effect with a monochrome filter as you do shooting with black and white film? Now that I watch my son starting to show an interest in photography I think back to the time when I also became interested. My dad giving me his old Yashica 2 1/4 and telling me this is the camera I need to learn on.  I remember the rolls of film for it had less than 10 pictures. I wonder if the photos I took were just lucky shots or knowing that I only had 10 to take I took more time framing that one picture. Anytime he allowed us to use his polaroid he made a point of telling us that it was a dollar a photo so Do Not Waste Them! My husband and I are blown away with what my son is doing and how he’s so quickly figured out how to create mats and digital effects that we still haven’t mastered. And he does seem to be looking for interesting things to photograph but I can’t help but wonder when you know you have no limit to how many photos you can take does that change the photos you do take? Below are some old photos I found that I took in high school. Photographers weigh in? What are your thoughts?

My sister.
Feeling camera shy.CameraShy
Fairgrounds after hours. Horses
 Park Street, St. Petersburg, Florida. ParkStreetHome
 Polaroid of me by my sister.Polaroid
I took this one with my dad’s Yashica 2 1/4.  Lucky shot?

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