The Historialist of Shoes and Shoemakers/Ben Benjamin – Crik-etts

August 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

The Historialist of Shoes and Shoemakers – Designer and Shoemaker | Ben Benjamin Part 3

This summer I found a few more missing pieces to the Crik-etts puzzle.  The Historialist is correct that the company continued making shoes past 1954 after my grandfather joined I. Miller.  Below is part of a Licensing contract between The Irving Drew Corporation and my grandfather from August 15th, 1958 and a New York Times Ad from 1962.



Crik-etts Licensing Agreement 1958 1


Crik-etts Licensing Agreement 1958 1st page

Crik-etts Ad NYT June 3 1962

New York Times, June 3 1962

Crik-etts Ad NYT June 3, 1962 Back

Back of Crik-etts Ad, New York Times  | June 3rd, 1962

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