Artist Ralph Barton | Woman In Dressing Room, January, 1915.

December 31, 2015 § 2 Comments

This morning wanting to get on the bandwagon with my Facebook friends who have been vivaciously posting New Years Greetings, I began to peruse the internet in search of my own when I stumbled upon the illustration here by artist Ralph Barton. The internet has a way of making you forget what you originally set out to do and before long I found myself swept away by his story and beautiful artwork. I hope you will take a moment and do the same.

~Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

Woman in dressing room, 1915. Courtesy Library Of Congress.

Courtesy Library of Congress.


Ralph Barton and Charlie Chaplin.

Ralph Barton and Charlie Chaplin.

Ralph Barton

On May 19, 1931, in his East Midtown Manhattan penthouse apartment, Barton shot himself through the right temple. He was 39 years old. His suicide note said he had irrevocably “lost the only woman I ever loved” (the actress Carlotta Monterey had divorced Barton in 1926 and married Eugene O’Neill in 1929), and that he feared his worsening manic-depression was approaching insanity. Almost immediately, his reputation dropped from sight; several years after his death, a caricature of George Gershwin sold for a mere $5. Ralph Barton’s ashes were returned to his native Kansas City and interred in Mount Moriah Cemetery. -Wikipedia

Carlotta Monterey

Carlotta Monterey.

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