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New York Times, April 17th, 1955

When most people think of Andy Warhol they think of his Campbell Soup cans or his Marilyn Monroe portrait, but when I think of Andy Warhol I think of his shoe illustrations and that he was the chief illustrator in the 1950s for I. Miller shoes when my grandfather was the General Manager. I like to think they may have worked together, but lately, I look at this shoe ad of one of my grandfather’s designs and I have to wonder did he illustrate it? The photos below were taken at The Whitney Museum of Art. The Warhol exhibit is running through the end of March. I was struck by how prolific he was as an artist and how at the time he was creating his pop art many didn’t think it was art and I assume there are some now that still don’t, but regardless of what you think about his art, he captured the 20th century creating a better time capsule for future generations than one could ever have imagined through his portraits, illustrations, and films.

New York Times, March 4th, 1956

The Historialist Of Shoes And Shoemakers: Ben Benjamin I. Miller

Ben Benjamin, General Manager I. Miller

I. Miller – Mondrian Pointed Toes, 1960.

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I. Miller

Footwear News 1985.

Footwear News 1985.




Mondrian Inspired Dresses, Yves Saint Laurent.

Mondrian Inspired Dresses, Yves Saint Laurent.

How the Mondrian dress made art cool.

The Slingback.

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I. Miller Shoe, Footwear News, January 14, 1955.

I. Miller Shoe, Footwear News, January 14, 1955.


André Perugia, 1933


HERMÈS, 2015.

New York Times, April 17th, 1955

New York Times, April 17th, 1955

Salvatore Ferragamo Windows, Christmas 2015.

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In 1955 my grandfather, Ben Benjamin, then the general manager for I. Miller shoes embarked on a European trip to help improve the production value of the I. Miller shoes being manufactured in Europe.  In the letter below, written while they were in Italy, Salvatore Ferragmo’s sister, Rosina Ferragamo, is mentioned as worth seeing.DSC_9246


DSC_9217 DSC_9225DSC_9230DSC_9239


I. Miller Window Display, Houston, Texas, 1929.

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I.Miller Window Display Houston,Texas 1929

Shoe Forms | Salvatore Ferragamo

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Shoe forms belonging to various actresses at Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo

May, 1955

May, 1955

More from The Historialist of Shoes and Shoemakers on Ben Benjamin and I. Miller

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I. Miller – Mint Green

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I. Miller

More About My Grandfather Ben Benjamin and I. Miller

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I’ve been spending a lot of time at the library these days looking through The Boot and Shoe Recorder magazines from the 1950’s and 1960’s. I’m hoping to match the dates to events in my grandfather, Ben Benjamin’s shoe career.  Today I found a notice in the trade magazine from June 15th, 1952 mentioning his new position as the General Manager of I. Miller Shoes.

Benjamin General Manager I. Miller

I. Miller Shoes

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In 1952 my grandfather Ben Benjamin became the General Manager for the I. Miller Shoe Company.

I. Miller – A Little Jewel Box of a Shoe Store, New York Times Feb. 10th, 2008

Follow up to the 2008 New York Times article:  At Restored Landmark in Times Square, Mixing ‘Brash and Beautiful’


Andy Warhol

New York Times, April 17th, 1955

I. Miller Shoe Advertisement from The New York Times, April 17th, 1955.

Andy Warhol found early success as a commercial artist and was hired by I. Miller as their chief illustrator in the 1950’s.

I. Miller Article


I. Miller Ad


B.Benjamin Bio 1954






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