Recycled Designs | Bata, Deck Oxfords, 1962.

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This Bata line from 1962, Deck Oxfords is reminiscent of present day Vans and predates them by 4 years.

Boot and Shoe Recorder 1961 - Bata




Bata Shoes | Sun Charmer, 1960.

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Bata Shoes

Bata Shoes

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I’m embarrassed to admit on a blog about shoes that I had really never heard of Bata shoes.

Herbert Levine c.1962-64 – The Bata Shoe Museum

120 Years of Bata Advertising


I was telling my husband about a shoe museum I’d found in Toronto Canada called The Bata Shoe Museum when he pulled out a childhood photo from Peru. He told me he had begged his mother for the shoes he’s wearing in it — his Wayfinder Shoes by Bata. Embedded in the heal was a compass that fell out after only wearing them a few times.  He remembered the stores were all over Lima.

Lima, 1973

Lima, 1973



More about the Wayfinder shoe


Bata Rimac, Lima Peru

Bata Rimac, Lima Peru

The company Bata shoes was founded in 1894 in Czechoslovakia and was one of the first real shoe manufacturerers.  If you’d like to know more about the history of Bata Shoes click the link here.

History|Bata shoes for all



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