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These are not normal times. These are extraordinary times. And extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

When you have a spokesperson for the president of the United States wrap up a lie in the Orwellian phrase “alternative facts”…

When you have a press secretary in his first appearance before the White House reporters threaten, bully, lie, and then walk out of the briefing room without the cajones to answer a single question…

When you have a President stand before the stars of the fallen CIA agents and boast about the size of his crowds (lies) and how great his authoritarian inaugural speech was….

These are not normal times.

The press has never seen anything like this before. The public has never seen anything like this before. And the political leaders of both parties have never seen anything like this before.

What can we do? We can all step up and say simply and without equivocation. “A lie, is a lie, is a lie!” And if someone won’t say it, those of us who know that there is such a thing as the truth must do whatever is in our power to diminish the liar’s malignant reach into our society.

There is one group of people who can do a lot – very quickly. And that is Republicans in Congress. Without their support, Donald Trump’s presidency will falter. So here is what I think everyone in the press must do. If you are interviewing a Paul Ryan, a Mitch McConnell, or any other GOP elected official, the first question must be “what will you do to combat the lying from the White House?” If they dodge and weave, keep with the follow ups. And if they refuse to give a satisfactory answer, end the interview.

Facts and the truth are not partisan. They are the bedrock of our democracy. And you are either with them, with us, with our Constitution, our history, and the future of our nation, or you are against it. Everyone must answer that question.

Happy Boxing Day!

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Boxing Day has a very special significance for me.  It’s the birthday of my Grandfather, Ben Benjamin, my motivation behind my blog. Enjoy your day!

Women Boxing On A Roof 1938.

Women Boxing On A Roof 1938.



Ben Benjamin.

A Curious Hand: The Prints of Henri-Charles Guérard (1846-1897)

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Henri Charles Guérard, (1846-1897) At The NYPL Open now. Ends February 26th, 2017. Stephen A. Schwarzman Building.

The Assault of the Shoe, 1888.


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Dior, West 57th Street.

West 57th Street.

Shopping Around For Holiday Photo Greeting Cards.

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I just finished ordering my holiday photo cards and I don’t usually post stuff like this, but I’d like to share my experience. Maybe it will save you some time. First, you really don’t need to spend a lot because without sounding too cynical, the truth is most of your cards will probably end up in the trash after the holidays. As much as I love receiving my friend’s and family’s cards, it’s rare for me to hang on to them every year. So for anyone that would like to be more frugal like myself, here goes. I’ve used tinyprints before and love their quality and design choice, but they are the most expensive and their customer service is practically nonexistent from my experience. I don’t think I would trust them with a large order. This year I decided to shop around. All of the sites I visited have discount codes at this time. After trying out the various card designs and applying the discount codes I went with Costco. For anyone that isn’t a Costco member, for me there are 2 reasons and now 3 why your membership will pay for itself, 1 – car rentals, 2 – eyewear, 3 – photo greeting cards. Below are the websites I visited. The pricing for snapfish and shutterfly is similar, so since shutterfly is part of tinyprints I left them off.

tinyprints – 50 photo cards and envelopes – $73.16 with discount code applied

snapfish – I think their designs are more colorful than shutterfly  – 40 photo cards and envelopes $45.99 with discount code applied.

Costco – The best deal $14.99 for 50 Photo cards and Envelopes!  My choice this year.



NYC December 1977.

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Source: Flickr Member Shilpot

Happy Thanksgiving USA!

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dsc_3880 dsc_3884

A Strong Message From The Governor Of New York.

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The state of New York has a proud legacy as the progressive capital of the nation, and that is more important today than ever before.

As New Yorkers, we have fundamentally different philosophies than what Donald Trump laid out in his campaign.

So let me be absolutely clear: If anyone feels that they are under attack, I want them to know that the state of New York – the state that has the Statue of Liberty in its harbor – is their refuge.

Whether you are gay or straight, Muslim or Christian, rich or poor, black or white or brown, we respect all people in the state of New York.

It’s the very core of what we believe and who we are. But it’s not just what we say, we passed laws that reflect it, and we will continue to do so, no matter what happens nationally. We won’t allow a federal government that attacks immigrants to do so in our state.

We are a state of immigrants.

We are the state that raised the minimum wage to $15.

We are the state that passed Paid Family Leave.

We are the state that passed marriage equality.

We are New York, and we will stand up for you. And on that, I will never compromise.

Count on it.

Andrew Cuomo

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