I. Miller Advertisement | Brown Velvet |1929.

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I. Miller Brown Velvet, 1929

I. Miller Window Display, Houston, Texas, 1929.

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I.Miller Window Display Houston,Texas 1929

Mr. Delman Has Announced That He Will Take Action Against Anyone Copying His Ideas And Styles…Retail News Of The Week, Saturday, January 19th, 1929.

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Design by Henry Dreyfuss for Delman Shoe Company, 1929 (Cooper-Hewitt)

Design by Henry Dreyfuss for Delman Shoe Company, 1929 (Cooper-Hewitt) Courtesy:Smithsonian Institution.

 Shoe Patent

Now I had patented that design, but first thing I knew everyone started to copy it. All Manufacturers. But we did a lot with it. You had to sue them and we didn’t have that much money. We were a small company, see? Cost you and dragged on for 2 or 3 years. By the time the trial comes up the style is all gone, over. Wasn’t worth it. After a while I stopped patenting styles. It didn’t pay.   – Ben Benjamin

More Fabulous Shoes From My Favorite Shoe Blog: The Historialist Of Shoes And Shoemakers.

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The Historialist of Shoes and Shoemakers | 1964 | BOFFINO | VIGEVANO


 Vigevano is known as the shoe capital of Italy.

Society Smartly Shod, Steps Out On Park Avenue, New York | 1929

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Here’s The Answer For The Busy Designer! | The Shoe And Leather News, May 3rd, 1962.

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Shoe Forms | Salvatore Ferragamo

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Shoe forms belonging to various actresses at Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo

May, 1955

May, 1955

I. Miller | The Shoe Retailer, 1929.

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Crumbling Soles | Buenos Aires, And A Collection Of Old Adidas Trainers.

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A cobwebbed window in a ramshackle store located in a nondescript Buenos Aires suburb. Adidas expert Gary Aspden animatedly recounts the moment a friend emailed him this photograph. “The shop window was stacked floor to ceiling with old blue Adidas boxes. Stuff from the ’78 Argentina World Cup and before. I started having palpitations.”

Read the full story by Rhik Samadder at The Guardian here.  It’s also the subject of a short documentary: Sole Searching In South America.

store front


theguardian.com  Photographer: Neil Bedford

Photographer Ryan Schude.

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Safari Inn by Ryan Schude



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