Sun And White | The Shoe Retailer, March 16, 1929.

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1920s Summer Fashion.


IMG_1109 copy

Arthur L. Benjamin | 1939 World’s Fair.

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Arthur L. Benjamin1939WorldsFair2

The World of Tomorrow: Scenes From the 1939 New York World’s Fair


Communications Building 1939 World's Fair copy

Mural on The Communications Building at The 1939 World’s Fair.

Another Mystery Slide.

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This slide is one of a few taken on the same day by my dad. I have no idea who the people are or where it is. Maybe on Long Island somewhere? She’s so hip and timeless with her cool white glasses and flip flops.  Mystery

Boris Bućan.

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Manual S. Gutierrez Inventor | Detachable Shoe Heel 1930.

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While doing research on shoes from the 1930s, I stumbled upon this shoe patent for a detachable heel by Inventor Manual S. Gutierrez. It immediately caught my attention because recently two of my favorite fashion history blogs, The Historialist and Jonathan Walford’s Blog, had related posts on interchangeable heels. What I find interesting is that this patent precedes any of the shoes mentioned in their posts. When I think of the Detachable Heel the Famous I. Miller ad from 1954 comes to mind. It never really seemed like a good idea to me, but the novelty is definitely appealing. As Jonathan Walford mentions in his blog the design is still being reinvented. I would love to know more about Manual S. Gutierrez so stay tuned. I couldn’t find anything when I did a search, but he must exist somewhere.



Source: The Historialist.

Source: The Historialist.

Shugor | Boot And Shoe Recorder, January 1, 1963.

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Bata Shoes | Sun Charmer, 1960.

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Bata Shoes

Come-Apart Boot, 1960.

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In Honor Of The Orion Spacecraft…Some Fashion For Mars.

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If all goes well tomorrow morning NASA’s Orion spacecraft will launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Watch: First Test Flight for NASA Spacecraft That May Take Us to Mars – Wired


One Step for Space Fashion, One Giant Leap for Astronaut Safety


Note: Jerry Pankin was a shoe designer in Manhattan. I remember hearing his name growing up and found the above copy while doing research on my grandfather, Ben Benjamin. I asked my mother about Jerry and she remembered he was a lot of fun. She recalled him telling her once in jest he was going to design a refrigerator a foot deep that covered the length of a room, that way you could always find what you were looking for. Genius!

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