Andy Warhol | Shoe Illustrations.

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New York Times, April 17th, 1955

When most people think of Andy Warhol they think of his Campbell Soup cans or his Marilyn Monroe portrait, but when I think of Andy Warhol I think of his shoe illustrations and that he was the chief illustrator in the 1950s for I. Miller shoes when my grandfather was the General Manager. I like to think they may have worked together, but lately, I look at this shoe ad of one of my grandfather’s designs and I have to wonder did he illustrate it? The photos below were taken at The Whitney Museum of Art. The Warhol exhibit is running through the end of March. I was struck by how prolific he was as an artist and how at the time he was creating his pop art many didn’t think it was art and I assume there are some now that still don’t, but regardless of what you think about his art, he captured the 20th century creating a better time capsule for future generations than one could ever have imagined through his portraits, illustrations, and films.

New York Times, March 4th, 1956

The Historialist Of Shoes And Shoemakers: Ben Benjamin I. Miller

Ben Benjamin, General Manager I. Miller

Happy Thanksgiving USA!

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Holiday Greetings From All The Folks At Goodyear | December 15th, 1961.

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Every Week Is American Girl Week | Boot And Shoe Recorder, Shoe Ad, December 15th, 1961

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For Mother And Daughter, April 5th, 1962.

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Tan – Unless Her Legs Are Too…

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Shugor | Boot And Shoe Recorder, January 1, 1963.

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There’s A New Cover Girl In Town | 1962.

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Bata Shoes | Sun Charmer, 1960.

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Bata Shoes

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