Weekly Photo Challenge, Yellow.

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DSC_0219  Yellow

Mandy Rice-Davies | 1944 – 2014

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imageMandy Rice-Davies, Figure in Sex Scandal, Dies at 70

Holiday Greetings From All The Folks At Goodyear | December 15th, 1961.

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Arthur L. Benjamin, New President Of The Boot And Shoe Travelers’ Assn. Of New York | 1962

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Doing some research on my grandfather Ben Benjamin,  I came across this “shoe” news item on my dad at The NY Public Library.




B&STA (Boot and Shoe Travelers’ Assn.) of New York

Millions March NYC (Time Lapse)

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On Saturday, in New York City, tens of thousands of people marched up Fifth Avenue in Midtown after gathering at Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, CBS New York reported.

There’s A New Cover Girl In Town | 1962.

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I love this idea by Suzie81Speaks. I have a Twitter account, but rarely check it. I find it hard to keep up with all the different social media that’s out there. I may participate in Suzie’s #SundayBlogShare, and encourage you to also!  What a fun way to meet fellow bloggers.


Recycled Designs | Bata, Deck Oxfords, 1962.

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This Bata line from 1962, Deck Oxfords is reminiscent of present day Vans and predates them by 4 years.

Boot and Shoe Recorder 1961 - Bata




Weekly Photo Challenge, Twinkle.

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The Daily Post.

Window Display


Love The Shoes, Not The Copy.

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For the past 2 weeks my son has been working on his Iroquois longhouse School Project.  This got me thinking about all the ads and articles I’ve been seeing for moccasins as I do my research on my grandfather. Some of them sort of shocking to me like this one from 1961.


What was at one time acceptable thankfully is changing as seen in the recent production of Peter Pan Live that aired on NBC last week. The producers made sure to leave out anything offensive and cast a Native American as Tiger Lilly, who I personally thought was the best thing in the show before I knew the controversy. I love moccasins and was so lucky growing up to always have a new pair every year. It wasn’t until I started this blog that I found out the reason why — my dad had worked as a stylist and designer for a company called Minnehaha.  I’m still not sure if they were connected to Minnetonka or not. Both were based in Minneapolis.  When my older sister’s son was born the owners, Nate and Elsie Siegel, sent my nephew this pair.


And now my proud mother moment.  My son’s fantastic longhouse.


Old Signage | MM and Robert Bestien Handbags – East 33rd Street.

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I love the old signage that is becoming rarer and rarer to see in the city. Usually it’s only when a building is torn down that you have a brief window to take a pictutre before another building goes up.

Robert Bestien Handbags was a division of the Bestcraft Handbag Corp., MM stands for The Morris Moskowitz Corp. who was the president of the company.




Shoe School.

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Boot and Shoe Recorder Jan. 1 1962.

Boot and Shoe Recorder Jan. 1 1962.


Do Not Touch The Legs.

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Please Don't Touch The Legs

ZOHARA – Art on Tights, seen in Grand Central Terminal.

Today On The Street | Another Wet And Cold Day In Manhattan.

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Bata Shoes | Sun Charmer, 1960.

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Bata Shoes

Benjamin Home Movies

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Growing up there was a rusted metal box in one of our closets that was filled with cans of 16mm film. As a child they seemed kind of creepy to me. Trapped memories. We had no way to watch them. By the time I was old enough to appreciate their value they had started to disintegrate. They had that vinegary smell that old film gets. Now working at a post house in New York that transferred film to tape, on one of my visits to my mother’s I put all of the film in ziplock bags and took it back with me on the plane to New York. I was able to transfer most it. A few rolls were badly melted and fused together, so had to be thrown out.  Most of the film was so delicate that we opted not to clean it before we transferred it. Again like the family photos there was little information written on the film boxes. –Sometimes I think of the journey that the photographs and films have made. Leaving New York, traveling thousands of miles to sit in a closet for years untouched then back to where they started. I’ll never forget the feeling of seeing them come to life. When I began my blog almost a year ago I posted this clip, so some of you who have been following may remember it. It’s a short sampling of some of the film footage I put together when I was working in Post Production.

Rainy Saturday Night Manhattan.

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Last night was very cold and rainy, so after dinner on our way home, we ducked into Le Parker Meridien to warm up, and took in The Gingerbread Extravaganza on display in the lobby.


"Breakfast at Tiffany's" FIKA on view at Le Parker Meridien

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
on view at Le Parker Meridien


Come-Apart Boot, 1960.

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Who Knew Dick Clark Sold Women’s Shoes? | Boot And Shoe Recorder, 1960

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Dick Clark Shoes

Dick Clark Shoes

Found on prince.org

Found on prince.org

In Honor Of The Orion Spacecraft…Some Fashion For Mars.

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If all goes well tomorrow morning NASA’s Orion spacecraft will launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Watch: First Test Flight for NASA Spacecraft That May Take Us to Mars – Wired


One Step for Space Fashion, One Giant Leap for Astronaut Safety


Note: Jerry Pankin was a shoe designer in Manhattan. I remember hearing his name growing up and found the above copy while doing research on my grandfather, Ben Benjamin. I asked my mother about Jerry and she remembered he was a lot of fun. She recalled him telling her once in jest he was going to design a refrigerator a foot deep that covered the length of a room, that way you would always find what you were looking for. Genius!


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