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My grandfather called them Style Shows.  This summer I found this left over shoe show signage from my dad’s days as a sales rep for Schwartz & Benjamin Inc.


The Shoe Shows are where buyers come to see the latest styles for the upcoming fashion season — the two biggest for fall and spring.

Fall 1990 - Shoe Shows

Artwork by Carol Benjamin

Spring 1990 - Shoe Shows

Artwork by Carol Benjamin

I have wonderful memories of meeting my dad for dinner after the shows with fellow shoe people and the banter that went with that. My dad friendly with every mai·tre d’ at every restaurant was greeted by name when we walked through the door. One of his favorite’s, Il Gattopardo, still around today and as a treat he would take us after for ice-cream to Rumpelmayer’s on Central Park South.

Shoe Show

My sister recently found this great photo from one of the shows.  Obviously taken after a few drinks.  I wonder what my dad’s trying so hard to hold on to?

The National Shoe Travelers 
Fashion Footwear Association of New York
The Atlanta Shoe Market

Melody May, Panama City, Florida | 1965

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Courtesy of The State Archives of Florida

Courtesy The State Archives of Florida


Random Photographs

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Left with a treasure trove of film, photographs and newspaper clippings that have no dates or names I think about the thousands of digital photographs sitting in my own computer that need to be labeled. The task so daunting I keep putting it off. I guess the lesson learned from my own ancestors is take the time and do it.

Grandpa - I. Miller? Crikets? - c Schwartz and Benjamin

Design for a Shoe |Dec 15, 1936

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I designed the shoes and at first I cut them too, and I uh ran the factory, handled everything.  I bought the machinery, equipped the plant, set up the plant, laid out the plans. — I invented a lot of things.

Ben Benjamin on starting Schwartz & Benjamin.

Ben Benjamin

Ben Benjamin | Shoe Designer

  The Historialist Of Shoes And Shoemakers

Fashion Model Peru 1952

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by Toni Frissell 1952 Courtesy of The Library of Congress.

Fashion Tour Guides | Fifth Avenue

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Spotted on Fifth Avenue today, lovely fashion tour guides…



And on Sixth Avenue, marchers for climate change!



Ad for Ban-Lon Imprints | St. Petersburg Times, 1971

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St. Petersburg Times, February 7th, 1971

St. Petersburg Times, Sunday, February 7th, 1971.

Shoes For Teens

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Teens - 1961

Boot and Shoe Recorder, 1961


Teen-age Consumer a Go-Go promotion at J.H.S. 164, New York, New York, photo Len Morgan, 1967 Courtesy of The Library of Congress


Boot and Shoe Recorder, 1961

Underwater Fashion

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Fashion model underwater with diver in dolphin tank, Marineland, Florida Toni Frissell, 1939


Fashion model underwater in dolphin tank, Marineland, Florida, Toni Frissell, 1939

Weeki Wachee spring, Florida, Toni Frissell, 1947

Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida, Toni Frissell, 1947

 The Life Aquatic with Bruce Mozert


Silvers Springs, Florida. Bruce Mozert Photographer


New Women’s Leathers For Fall, 1964

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Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin

IMG_8529 copy

Boot and Shoe Recorder, January 1, 1964.

Boot and Shoe Recorder,  January 1st, 1964.

Boot and Shoe Recorder, January 1, 1964.

IMG_8531 copy

Boot and Shoe Recorder, January 1, 1964.



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